LACEIBANETSOCIETY is your secure online storage space (your Internet hard drive). Whether you are looking to store your persona.
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Secure Storage | Managed Backups

From natural disasters to malicious attacks or man-made errors, there will always be new challenges with the potential toВ destroy your important data. You need data protection that ensures your business continues to run without critical downtime or devastating losses in revenue. Unfortunately, as your data volumes are increasing your backup windows are decreasing, which requires a larger, more sophisticated backup infrastructure.

A Standard Backup is essential to greatly reduce risk and restore important data quickly when most needed.В  Data is protected at the block-level and unique disk blocks on the server areВ only stored once across all recovery points increasing storage efficiency.

We manage the entire backup solution for you – initial setup and configuration, monitoring and even configuration changes. Data backups of your entire server are stored and maintained for seven days from the date of the backup, providing you with up to a week of archived data ensuring reliable and quick backups when you need them.

LACEIBANETSOCIETY can implement and manage backups for you to ensure your data is always available.