With our service you will be able to share any file of any size with anybody. It’s fast and easy.
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Secure File Sharing | Solutions Overview

1. Easy as 1, 2, 3

LACEIBANETSOCIETY is 100% user friendly with an intuitive interface and familiar look and feel that anyone can easily understand and use from day one. This immediately saves time and unnecessary expense, because there is no ramp up period for staff training, maintenance or hassles. From entry-level computer users to seasoned IT professionals, all users find that LACEIBANETSOCIETY is an easy-to-use, powerful and secure solution for all file transfer and collaboration needs.

2. Share Any File

No matter the file size, number of files, or type of files that need to be shared, LACEIBANETSOCIETY makes it easy to upload quickly and share files. LACEIBANETSOCIETY’s simple interface, combined with robust and fast uploading technology, offers an alternative to complicated FTP programs and unreliable email attachments. LACEIBANETSOCIETY, tracks and reports who downloaded files and when they were downloaded.

3. Virtual Work Environments

LACEIBANETSOCIETY supports collaboration in a virtual work environment 24/7/365. With LACEIBANETSOCIETY, authorized users have the ability to securely access files from any location – the office, at home or on vacation. This provides a real-time work environment to develop ideas, upload files, share information and improve long-distance collaboration all while saving money and increasing productivity.

4. Replace Email for Transferring Files

Most businesses use email as their main means of communication. However, in addition to being insecure, email has limited functionalities and is not very efficient when it comes to handling large files. Email is also very disorganized. It can’t keep a version history of specific files, can be hard to retrieve, and often has limited access from outside the office. LACEIBANETSOCIETY provides a fast, easy way to share files without the limitations of email systems as well as offers robust collaboration functionality beyond what is available with email.

5. Web-Based Editing and Viewing

With LACEIBANETSOCIETY, documents can be edited and updated, from a web browser, using online versions of word processing, spreadsheet and image editing software. Additionally, PDF and PowerPoint presentations can be viewed by anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. This is a cost effective way to collaborate online without purchasing additional software licenses.

6. Track Downloads

LACEIBANETSOCIETY’s integrated file tracking service provides access to a virtual paper trail for all the activity and history of files within an online workspace. Upon request, anytime a file is accessed an “Email Tracking Alert” is sent. This is a notification that a file was downloaded and includes information about who downloaded it, when it was downloaded, if changes were made to it, and whether or not a newer version of that file was uploaded.

7. User Permissions

LACEIBANETSOCIETY offers granular permissions to enforce security based on the user, file and/or folder. Passwords can be implemented for specific files and folders. Folders can be designated as read only, write only or both. Access can be granted only to a specific person for a specific file or a folder, or access can be granted only for a specified time and, of course, user access can be changed on-the-fly.

8. User Management

LACEIBANETSOCIETY’s simplified Online Administration interface makes it easy to control and manage who can access, view and make changes to any file and/or folder.

9. Military Grade Security

LACEIBANETSOCIETY’ utilizes military-grade security. This is the same encryption technology approved by the United States Department of Defense. LACEIBANETSOCIETY uses this form of security to ensure all information is secured from unauthorized individuals at the highest levels. In addition, data resides on multiple secured hard drives and is fully backed up in a dedicated Data Center at an alternate location for maximum redundancy and security.

10. Go Green

Using LACEIBANETSOCIETY as a central document hub helps protect the environment by eliminating the need for stacks of paper, unnecessary copying of documents, wasted on site storage and the use of polluting overnight courier services.

11. File Retention

The LACEIBANETSOCIETY platform allows you to customize the amount of time that files are stored on our platform in order to meet your specific requirements. File retention policies can be setup company wide, on an individual user basis or per file.