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Web Design | Rich Internet Applications

Interactivity in websites is being adopted at a furious pace. In this light, the knowledge and practice of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) has become indispensable for website designers

LACEIBANETSOCIETY creates ‘top of the line’  Rich Internet Web 2.0 Applications using RIA technologies such as Macromedia Flex, AJAX with PHP and Ruby on Rails Framework, Macromedia flash/FLEX and XML (AJAX). These Rich Internet Applications (RIA) solutions are Web based applications that have the features of traditional desktop applications based applications with better interactivity and data communication.

RIAs have become the de-facto technology choice to simplify complex processes like registration, online shopping and data analysis. RIAs can be effectively used to provide an engaging and interactive experience to customers or managers. RIAs can also be made to work with existing web application infrastructure and small modules and can be deployed even as part of normal HTML pages.

LACEIBANETSOCIETY’s RIA skill set includes

  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • AJAX
  • WebORB
  • Flash Media Server

What we offer

LACEIBANETSOCIETY offers its extensive experience to build interactive & efficient Rich Internet applications development solutions for its global client base. We have been developing Business & Entertainment related RIA solutions for businesses across a wide spectrum of Industries.

We can deliver cost efficient RIA solutions for

  • Dynamic database driven website
  • Full-featured, large-scale Rich Internet Application
  • Custom built Hi-End solutions & services tailored to meet your specific needs
  • AJAX or Non-AJAX based RIA solutions at a fraction of cost from other providers
  • High-End RIA solutions with low-cost deployment

Rich Internet Applications combine cutting edge technology with innovative business processes to provide cost-effective business solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, large corporate enterprises, and government entities.


  • The most obvious advantage of RIA is that RIA is Powerful, user-friendly, fast and responsive.
  • RIAs empower your business with solutions that are more Consistent, Focused, Responsive and smart.
  • RIA’s inherent interactivity enables the viewers to take quick decisions
  • RIA technology has a great human effect on the visitors and this results in a higher conversion rate for RIA based websites.
  • RIAs simplify the highly complex processes, save bandwidth and perform considerably faster than traditional Web applications, thus escalating customers’ online interaction with your website.