Web Host Manager or WHM is cPanel’s parent control panel. It is the main server side management panel where you can configure most of the settings you need to run a web server. The WHM’s main function is to manage individual cpanel accounts and control the hosting environment present on the server. Using the different array of options present in WHM, you can easily create, delete and modify cpanel accounts, as well as create resellers. Managing DNS is also a breeze, and using WHM’s custom EasyApache module, you can easily manage php, mysql and other Apache Web Server options without having to be an expert.

web host manager package

Using the Web Host Manager to create hosting accounts is incredibly easy. You can use the options to create a number of different hosting packages, this way you can offer a verity of plans with varying disk space, email account limits, bandwidth and more. This hosting package can then be assigned to a cpanel account you create, thus giving this account the resources defined in the package. You can also assign dedicated ip, or even make the account a reseller, giving them access to create other cpanels.

web host manager add account

Controling and managing your web server is made very easy and intuitive with Web Host Manager. We at laceibanetsociety include Web Host Manager in our cpanel reseller plans, and a license is available to purchase with any of our linux VPS or dedicated servers. Giving you, the user, all the control over your own server management. Keeping it easy and simple for users of all skill levels. Visit our website to learn about all the different plans we have available, and which qualify for a cpanel/WHM license. And remember that all our dedicated servers include a free Web Host Manager/cPanel license when you purchase, valid for as long as you keep your server. So don’t hesitate to give us a shot.

Web Host Manager and How to Use It
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