Choosing a domain for your business or personal website is very important. The name you choose will be what everyone on the internet will know and search for you with. Changing a domain is easy if you get it wrong, but some names stick even after they’ve been changed, so getting the right name the first time around is the best option. To know what name to choose you can think about the niche you’re going to fill, such as a construction company or like us a web hosting company, and choose a name with a reference to the area or just the company name itself.

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So the main domain name is extremely important for your company or personal image. So choosing the domain extension is also important although a little less so than the actual name for the domain. Extensions have a certain hierarchy, as you may already know, “.com” domains are the most popular and most used domain extensions on the internet. Next down the pecking order are the “.org” or “.net” domains. At first these were reserved only for NGO’s and internet service providers respectively, but can now be registered by anyone for any company. Sometimes you can choose a domain extension just for the synergy with you domain name even if the extension isn’t a known or popular one, a great example being google’s purchase of the “” domain for a new branch of their company. They chose to go with an “.xyz” extension which is usually seen as a spam extension in most hosting provider’s eyes. But as long as the domain name and extension go well together you can really choose any combination you want and start making a name for it.

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So choose your domain name wisely, something catchy, something with your company name attached, a keyword for the niche you’re covering or even just a made up name that can end up making a huge splash on the market if it’s covered and marketed well enough. If you find that the domain you’ve been thinking about is already taken then consider getting creative with some special characters. You can use hiphens to really turn a domain on it’s head or try running a search for other extensions of the same domain name that might not have been registered. You can usually find the “.org” or “.net” version of the domain you had in mind. But don’t wait too long to register your domain, remember someone out there could be coming up with a similar idea and register the name first, leaving you high and dry.

So think about what you want your online name to represent and register your new domain as soon as you can. We at laceibanetsociety have domains with a number of the most popular extensions available at a low price of just $11.95 a year. Also visit our specials page to learn about all the special offers we have available at the moment. We’re constantly changing our discounts and running sales so look for the best deal here with us.

Choose the Right Domain for You
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